Pick your sweetheart & Play now!

Play Sweet World online and help the finger-lickin-good Candies! Collect all the Sugar Bonuses in this fun and candy game and play through over 250 levels of flavor-tasting, jelly-matching madness! Collect the Candies and save Sweet World!

The Hints to get you going..!

You want blistering fun? You 'll certainly get it if you follow all our amazing hints! Collecting candies is one thing, but collaborating with other players & your friends will get you in... SUPER places! Match your way across heaps of levels full of the Sweetest fun, plus discover all the bonuses!


Sweet World Book of Clovers

Book of Clovers

Clovers are special boosters that give your candies SUPER-POWERS! Use them wisely - and remember that if you are patient & elegant... matching 3 or more clovers into Golden Four Leaves can bring even more bonuses..!

Sweet World Candy Invites

Candy Invites

Your friends are sure to love a Sweet Invite - and you will love the benefits too, when they start playing! By every new friend you bring to Sweet World you gain Free Clovers! If you bring more than ten... a whole book!

Sweet World Candy Gifts

Candy Gifts

You might be good at matching, a friend of yours might be good in breaking bubbles - so combining your powers by sending Bonus Gifts, will give you both a benefit into finishing the game and saving Sweet World in no time!

Sweet World Candy Shop

Candy Shop

Collecting Candy Points will grant you access to the Candy Shop - and a whole world of bonuses awaits inside..! Look around for all the tasty marshmellows & popsicles, while experienced players may find... the Chocolate!

Fantastic New Bonuses!

Sweet World Bonus: Candypop


If you want to reach the Top places in the Tournament, this exploding Candy will eliminate all resistances with just a tap!
Sweet World Bonus: Sungate


The most well hidden of Sweet World, behind the Sungate lies the epic... Chocolate Candy! Beware of its tremendous power..!
Sweet World Bonus: Sea-Candy


What does sugar do in salty waters..? Get more than 500 Stars to find out and use it wisely, only on the most difficult levels!

Sweet us!

Whether you have a sweet question for us, or you seek our secret recipes, we would love to hear your candy request! If a bug is what bothers you, it will be matched and crushed your precious feedback! If a career in tasty treats is what you long for, indulge us with a first handshake and be welcome to visit us in our candy shop, located right in the midst of the lovely city of Athens.

By all means, contact us. We love sweet treats!